8th to 17th March 2024

Jewish Music Today Fürth

Live Music Festival

Klezmer in the Pubs

Friday, 08. 03/ 9 p. m. 
We are bringing the festival into town! Four small and cozy pubs welcome you for some grassroots Klezmer experiences. Admission is free – L’Chaim! 

Masha The Rich Man (UA/DE)

Babylon am Stadtpark, Nürnberger Strasse 3

Ukranian singer-songwriter Maria Raykhman is creating a timeless parallel universe made out of traditional influences and pop-music sounds mixed with cinematic elements. She is evoking dreams and memories of the past. 

Maria Raykhman voice, autoharp 
Moritz Ecker guitar 
Daniel Weltlinger violin 


Masha The Rich Man - LIVE - Album Release Show 2023, Masha The Rich Man
Masha The Rich Man - LIVE - Album Release Show 2023

Brinkmann & Spehl (DE)

Bistro-Galerie, Gustavstraße 14

Two of the most distinguished members of the German Klezmer scene are meeting up in this excellent duet. Playfully and spontaneous, with a variety of clarinet sounds, they open up a groovy, witty, profound and very Yiddish musical dialogue.

Georg Brinkmann clarinet, bass clarinet, voice, accordeon
Bernd Spehl clarinet, bass clarinet, shepherd's flute

Brinkmann & Spehl - Trailer, Georg Brinkmann
Brinkmann & Spehl - Trailer

Mesinke (DE)

Kaffeebohne, Gustavstraße 40

If you like the score of Beyond Silence and Schindler’s List, you will love Mesinke’s repertoire! Deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, they present an original mix of Jazz, Folk and pop elements. They’ve been bringing joy to their audiences for over 30 years, and they are not getting tired. 

Martin Glogger voice, bass
Jürgen Groß voice, guitar, accordeon 
Thilo Jörgl voice, drums
Alexander Maier clarinet

MESINKE Klezmer Tentsl, Mesinke
MESINKE Klezmer Tentsl

Folkadu (DE)

Kulturort Badstraße acht, Badstraße 8

Folkadu’s repertoire covers well-known as well as long-forgotten compositions and poems in Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino. The band is building a musical bridge from Orient to Occident. 

Yael Gat voice, trumpet, schofar 
Doron Furman oud 
Simon Japha accordeon, percussion

Folkadu - Shorashim - Yeladim Ze Simcha | פולקאדו - שורשים - ילדים זה שמחה (S. Bar / Y. Sobol), Folkadu
Folkadu - Shorashim - Yeladim Ze Simcha | פולקאדו - שורשים - ילדים זה שמחה (S. Bar / Y. Sobol)