8th to 17th March 2024

Jewish Music Today Fürth

Live Music Festival

Michael Winograd & Band (US)

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Sunday 09.03. / 7:30 p.m.
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TANZ! – here’s how 1955 sounds in 2024

In 1955, Dave Tarras, legendary Klezmer clarinetist, recorded his album “TANZ!” which is one of the most iconic recordings in the Klezmer scene – mixing traditional Jewish melodies with the styles of that time: Swing, Jazz, Marching Bands and the like. Michael Winograd, known to our audience for his very unique way of bringing tradition to life, reenacted the whole recording in astounding accuracy and musical perfection. 

Michael Winograd clarinet
Marine Goldwaser clarinet
Christian Dawid saxophone, clarinets
Sir Frank London trumpet
Patrick Farrell piano
Sanne Möricke accordion
Benjy Fox-Rosen bass
David Licht drums  


Michael Winograd // Kosher Style (Official Video), Michael Winograd
Michael Winograd // Kosher Style (Official Video)