8th to 17th March 2024

Jewish Music Today Fürth

Live Music Festival

Al‘Fado (PT/IL)

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Thursday 14.03. / 7:30 p.m.
Presale € 26,- / 20,80 discounted // Box office € 29,- / 23,20 discounted

Sefardic Melancholia from Portugal

Al’Fado is an Israeli-Portuguese ensemble that focuses on cultures originating from the Iberian Peninsula through traditions of medieval Hebrew communities and the expression in a unique language called Ladino that combines Castilian Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Turkish, Greek, Slavic languages and Moroccan Arabic. Al’Fado’s music is inspired by Fado and Flamenco as well as African and Brazilian influences.

Gal Tamir voice, clarinet 
Avishay Back bass guitar 
Diogo Melo de Carvalho percussion, melodica
João Roque guitar


Morenica - Al'Fado, Al'Fado Music
Morenica - Al'Fado