8th to 17th March 2024

Jewish Music Today Fürth

Live Music Festival


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Wednesday 13.03. / 7:30 p.m.
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Musafir – 11 new pieces

Halva (which literally is the name of a treat!), is exploring intersections of traditional Jewish music and its respective adjacent cultures. Musafir – the new album’s title means „guest“ in Romanian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic languages. Just like Halva’s music, it connotates openness and respect. Traditional Klezmer music sounds fresh and modern with this energetic, multi-cultural octet!

Nicolaas Cottenie violin 
Alina Bauer violin 
Susi Evans clarinet 
Andriana Achitzanova ney, voice 
Ira Shiran accordion 
Muhittin Kemal qanun 
Eline Duerinck cello 
Robbe Kieckens percussion